E-Series and O-Series TV & Projector Lamps & Bulbs

Special Announcement

Effective 4/15/2011 All Purchases of E Series Lamps and Bulbs will have a 150 Day Warranty!

Effective 4/15/2011 All Purchases of O Series Lamps and Bulbs will have a 180 Day Warranty!

What are E Series Lamps and Bulbs?
E Series stands for Equivalent Lamps and Bulbs.  A Lamp is a Bulb with the Housing attached. These equivalent lamps and bulbs offer an alternative to the high priced factory original lamps, offering the highest quality at a great value. The savings are significant.

What are O Series Lamps and Bulbs?
O Series means the Bulb, whether in an equivalent housing or by itself, is a Factory Original Bulb. These lamps and bulbs offer Better Reliability, Longer Life, Brighter Picture, and a Longer Warranty. 

Electrified Discounters ( is one of the largest sellers of equivalent/compatible lamps for both projectors and televisions in the WORLD. We stock over 150,000 lamps for over 5,000 models. We are very proud of this achievement.

All E and O Series lamps and bulbs are 100% Brand New. Every E and O Series lamp or bulb undergoes stringent quality checks to guarantee the Highest Performance and Long Life expectancy. All lamps are manufactured to comparable specifications as the factory original lamps.

The High Quality of our lamps allows us to offer a 150 Day Warranty for all E Series products, and a 180 Day Warranty for all O Series products purchased from Electrified Discounters.

Electrified Discounters openly advertises and describes if a lamp is complete with the housing/module, or if it is a bulb only. Beware of others who hide the fact that you are purchasing a bulb only, and not the complete lamp with housing.

We sell factory original lamps, equivalent lamps, and bulbs only, and advertise them so there cannot be any misunderstanding as to what you are purchasing.