Electrified 2 Year RPTV Extended Warranty

Electrified 2 Year Front Projector Lamp Extended Warranty

Price: $39.95 

Only $39.95 for Additional Coverage to Extend your Warranty on all E-Series and O-Series Front Projection Lamps and Bulbs to two full years!

This Electrified Extended Warranty will extend your warranty on all E-series and O-Series  replacement Front Projection Lamps and Bulbs to 2 years. This coverage is provided exclusively by Electrified Discounters, and covers up to two additional replacement Lamps/Bulbs over the course of 2 years from the original date of purchase.

For example, if you purchase an E-Series replacement Lamp/Bulb that comes with a 5 month warranty our 2 year Extended Warranty will add 19 months of coverage giving you a total of 24 months of coverage. These warranties must be purchased at the same time you purchase a lamp.

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