Germanium Shower Head - EJCN-02A

Germanium Shower Head - EJCN-02A

Holistic Handheld Germanium Showerhead - EJCN-02A

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Model Number:

Showerhead (Hose Not Included)
Color: Clear
Ions intensity: 3000 Gauss
Materials: Germanium, Far Infrared, Tourmaline, Negative Ion
Function: Water Saving, 8 Spray Modes, Removes Chlorine and other harmful particles.

Negative Ions Spa Function: Tourmaline ceramic balls in the handle can release negative ions which are considered the "longevity element". After being absorbed by the body, the negative ions can have a positive effect on the nerve center. This can result in improvement of the ventilation of the lungs, and promote a better metabolism. Also, it can fully activate the negative ions in, and soften, water.

Germanium Cosmetic & Healthcare Function: Germanium ceramic balls in the handle can effectively remove the chlorine in tap water when bathing. With the removal of chlorine, the water can gain antibacterial functions, and moisturize the skin to prevent skin aging.

Water Saving Feature: The showerhead has 128 tiny cone-shaped water holes with a diameter of 0.35 mm. The rear connection valve has a diameter that is five times that of the front exit holes, increasing water pressure. Through the "adjustable closure" principle, and special structure of the showerhead, it allows for a water-saving effect. Generally speaking, it can save 30% - 35% of water usage.

Health Benefits:

 - Improve Balance.
 - Increase Strength.
 - Increase Energy.
 - Improve Concentration.
 - Rejuvenate and Invigorate the Body.
 - Improve Sleep.
 - Reduce Pain.
 - Reduce Stress.
 - Reduce Tension.

Additional Information

 - 1 Year Replacement Warranty
 - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee from date of purchase.

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