Barco HDQ-2K40 / HDQ2K40 Projector - NO LENS INCLUDED

Barco HDQ-2K40 / HDQ2K40 Projector - NO LENS INCLUDED

Barco HDQ-2K40 / HDQ2K40 (R9004570) Projector - NO LENS INCLUDED

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Barco HDQ-2K40 (R9004570) Projector


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**A Lens Is Required But Not Included For This Item**




Projector type 2K 3-chip DLP digital projector
Technology 1.2" DMD™ x3
Resolution 2,048 x 1,080
Brightness 40,000 center lumens / 37,000 ANSI lumens
Contrast ratio 2,000:1 (standard)
Brightness uniformity 90%
Aspect Ratio 2, 048 : 1,080
ScenergiX Horizontal and vertical edge blending
Lens type XLD, 4K lenses
Lenses 1:1; 1.45-1.8:1; 1.8-2.4:1; 2.2-3.0:1; 2.8-5.5; 5.5-8.5-1
Optical lens shift Vertical: +/-110% / Horizontal: +/-30% (on zoom lenses memorised)
Color correction P7
Lamps 7 kW xenon
Lamp lifetime 500 Hrs
Transport with lamp No
Lamp house, quick replace Yes
Customer bulb replace Yes
Lamp warranty (field replace/ factory replace) 90 days, 300 hours / pro rata 300 hours
Sealed DLP™ core Standard
Optical dowser Standard
Picture-in-picture Two sources simultaneously
Orientation table - side (portrait)*
* lamp door down/bottom
Others can be controlled by DMX 512 console, warping
DMX 512 standard
WARP direct adjust OSD + toolset
Integrated web server yes
CLO (constant light output) Standard
3D Active eyewear (optional), passive Infitec (optional), passive circular (optional), triple flash up to 144 Hz
Inputs DVI-I (HDCP including analog RGB YUV), SDI/HDSDI/Dual HDSDI/3G/BarcoLink
Optional Inputs 5-BNC RGBHV (RGBS/RGsB, YUV CS/SOY, Composite video, S-Video); DVI-I (HDCP including analog RGB YUV) + BarcoLink/SDI/HDSDI/Dual HDSDI/3G; 3D active input (HDMI/DisplayPort) feat. SENSIO 3D
Input Resolutions From NTSC up to QXGA (2,048 x 1,536)
Max. pixel clock 200 MHz
Software tools Projector Toolset + Android app
Control XLR wired + IR, RS232, Wifi, GSM (opt)
Network connection 10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connection, Wifi (optional)
Power requirements 200-240V /380-400V@50-60Hz
Max. power consumption 8,000W
Noise level (typical at 25°C/77°F) 61 dB(A)
Operational ambient temperature 0-35°C / 32°-104°F
Operational humidity 0-80% (non condens)
Dissipation BTU Max. 27,331 BTU/h
Dimensions (WxLxH) 1,025 x 1,320 x 900mm / 40.35 x 51.96 x 35.43 inches
Weight 210kg (462.97lbs)
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