Nec  NP-PX750U  / NPPX750U Projector - NO LENS INCLUDED

Nec  NP-PX750U  / NPPX750U Projector - NO LENS INCLUDED



NEC NP-PX750U Projector


**A Lens Is Required But Not Included For This Item**





Brightness (Lumens) : 7500 ANSI
Color Light Output (Lumens) :      **
Eco-Mode (Lumens): 6375 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 2,100:1
Variable Iris:      **
Audible Noise: 43.0 dB
Eco-Mode: 39.0 dB
Weight: 43.4 lbs
Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 7.6 x 19.8 x 20.3
Optional Lenses: Contact NEC for lens information.
Digital Zoom:      **
Digital Keystone: Horz & Vert
Lens Shift: Horz & Vert
Warranty: 3 Years
H-Sync Range: 15.0 - 108.0kHz
V-Sync Range: 48 - 120Hz
Display: Type:
0.7" DLP (1)
Color Wheel Segs: 6
Color Wheel Speed:      **
Resolution: 1920x1200 Pixels
Maximum Input: 1920x1200 Pixels
Aspect Ratio: 16:10 (WUXGA)
Lamp: Type:
400W AC

Life: 2000 hours
Eco-Mode Life: 2500 hours
Quantity: 2
HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60
575i, 575p
Component Video: Yes
Video Inputs: Yes
Digital Input: HDMI
HDBaseT: No
Computer Inputs: Yes
Speakers: No
Max Power: 1006W
Voltage: 100V - 240V
FCC Class: B

Flexibility Enables Performance
Integrated device technology HQV is a high-performance video processing/scaling system designed for computer signals as well as standard or high-definition video. The technology produces superior video processing using pixel-based, motion-adaptive de-interlacing to remove undesirable motion artifacts typical of interlaced signals. This processing creates lifelike images in applications such as video conferencing.
Bright enough for most applications: 7500 lumens.
Geometric correction tool allows you to project on spheres, cylinders and more.
VIDI technology, a Phillips innovation designed to work in conjunction with the color wheel, uses a brilliant pulse to increase the brightness of the image and a dark pulse to increase the contrast ratio
Integrated Networking and Asset Management
Integrated RJ-45 connection for quick connection to the LAN (10/100 base-T capability). Integrated high-speed wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g.
Desktop control allows you to securely transmit information wirelessly to the projector from a docking station or PC in another room.
Image Express Utility (IEU 2.0; compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems) dedicated projector software provides wired and wireless data transmission via peer-to-peer or over the network.
Broadcast mode allows you to send information from one computer to several projectors.
Windows network projector function within Windows Vista connects directly to networked projectors without the need for additional proprietary software.
Windows remote desktop function allows you to control a networked computer by connecting a USB mouse and keyboard directly to the projector's USB input.
Windows network drive function displays multimedia files (.jpeg, .bmp, .png, .mpeg2 or .wmv9) in the Windows shared folder on a local network using the viewer function-all without bringing your PC into the conference room.
Windows media connection function displays multimedia files (.mpeg2, .jpeg or .wmv9) stored on the Windows media connect server or a local network using the viewer function-all without bringing your PC into the conference room.
Crestron RoomView Connected
Security Features Provide Peace of Mind
Cabinet control lock setting enables user to deactivate buttons on cabinet to prevent unwanted changes to projector settings.
Logo lock restricts changes to logo saved in projector memory.
Password protection restricts unauthorized use of projector.
Email notification informs the system administrator when the lamp approaches the end of its useful life
Lens Shift
Enjoy greater installation flexibility with up to 50% vertical lens shift and +/- 10% horizontal lens shift. Lens throw distances range from 2.6 to 179.8 feet (0.8 to 54.8 meters)
Designed with the Environment in Mind
Extended lamp life with eco-mode technology increases lamp life up to 4000 hours, while lowering power consumption.
Power management enables projector to automatically turn off when an incoming signal is not detected from any of the inputs.
Auto power on via the RGB (15-pin) input connector when a signal is detected from a computer. Carbon savings meter calculates the positive effects of operating the projector in eco-mode, which is encouraged by an optional message at startup. A green eco-mode button on the remote control makes the switch easy.
Quick start (3 to 4 seconds) lets you begin presenting in seconds while quick shutdown (immediate power off with no cooling required after shutdown) ensures efficient energy usage. Sleep timer can be set to automatically turn off the projector at set countdown times.
Low power consumption (0.2W in standby mode) minimizes energy costs.
Direct power off provides instantaneous shutdown of the projector
2500 Hour Filter Life
NEC is committed to designing its products to provide long lifecycles. This commitment even extends to components within its products, including the improved filter. This virtually maintenance-free filter reduces the frequency at which cleaning is required, thereby decreasing your total cost of ownership. Filter replacement is only required at the time the lamp is replaced
Edge Blending
This function seamlessly blends multiple projected images to display a single high resolution image
This function allows two sources to be displayed on the screen at one time in either a picture-in-picture or side-by-side configuration
Built-In Stacking Correction
The industry's first built-in stacking correction capabilities (up to four projectors) allow the projectors to boost an image's brightness up to 30,000 lumens, which is ideal for larger-sized screens and environments with heavy ambient light. This feature also prevents the complete loss of an image, which can happen when using only one projector
Built-In Wall Color Correction Presets
These provide for adaptive color tone correction to display properly on non-white surfaces
DICOM simulation enables users in medical environments to display accurate diagnostic images
Get Connected with a Wide Selection of Inputs
Dual computer inputs ensure quick switching between presentations.
Four audio inputs (two mini stereo [Comp1 & Comp2], R/L [RCA - shared by video sources] and HDMI) make it easy to add sound to enhance your presentations
Remote Control
Easy control from remote allows you to adjust lamp mode, aspect ratio, volume and image all with the touch of a button
HDMI Input
HDMI w/HDCP for connecting to high-definition sources such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and personal computers
This input provides expanded connectivity with advanced technology
USB Viewer
In instances when you'd prefer to leave your laptop behind for a presentation, the projector can deliver a solution. Using the presentation conversion software included with your projector, simply place your file onto a USB drive and plug it into the projector's USB port. This allows you to display images stored as .jpgs from optional USB memory
Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)
NEC simplifies installation, use and maintenance, while offering superior input flexibility
Geometric Correction
Projecting an image isn't confined to a standard flat screen or wall with this projector. Geometric correction allows these models to project an image on spheres, cylinders, corner angles and many more non-standard surfaces
Virtual Remote (DDC/CI)
Used over the VGA cable, you can control the projector directly from a computer without the need for additional control cables
Enhanced keystone correction allows for horizontal, vertical and diagonal image correction for aligned images even when the projector is set up at an angle to the screen
Unique Features
3D reform allows you to square the image by adjusting horizontally, vertically or diagonally when the projector cannot be placed parallel or perpendicular to the screen.
Advanced AccuBlend ensures detailed images when non-native resolution sources are connected to the projector.
AutoSense automatically syncs with any computer signal and features one-touch image optimization.
64-step image magnification with location control.
Discreet source keys for source selection.
Remote diagnostics enable the user to monitor and make adjustments to the projector remotely. Email notification of error messages or lamp end-of-life can be sent to remote locations
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