RCA 265103 OEM Replacement Lamp

RCA 265103 OEM Replacement Lamp

RCA 265103 OEM Replacement Lamp

Price: $71.79 

The RCA 265103 OEM Replacement Lamp is an OEM, Original Manufacturer replacement Lamp for the following models:

  • RCA: HD50LPW162YX1
  • RCA: HD50LPW162YX2
  • RCA: HD50LPW163YX1
  • RCA: HD50LPW163YX2
  • RCA: HD50LPW42YX3
  • RCA: HD50LPW42YX4
  • RCA: HD61LPW162YX1
  • RCA: HD61LPW162YX2
  • RCA: HD61LPW163YX1
  • RCA: HD61LPW163YX2
  • RCA: HD61LPW163YX5
  • RCA: HD61LPW42YX3
  • HD61LPW42YX4
  • RCA: HDLP50W151YX2
  • RCA: HDLP50W151YX4
  • RCA: HDLP61W151YX2
  • RCA: HDLP61W151YX4
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OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to Lamps and Bulbs, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.

All OEM Lamps and Bulbs come with a Full Manufacturer Warranty

Read the fine print from other online stores!

Others sell ONLY the bulb which requires manual installation involving removing the old bulb and rewiring the new bulb into the existing housing. By purchasing the COMPLETE lamp, which includes the housing, installation is quick and easy.

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