Bulb #17 - Osram 69695 OEM Replacement Bulb

Osram 69695 OEM Replacement Bulb - Bulb #17

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The Osram 69695 OEM Replacement Bulb is an OEM, Original Manufacturer replacement Bulb.

    OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to Lamps and Bulbs, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.

All OEM Lamps and Bulbs come with a 180 Day Electrified Warranty

This Bulb is also known as:

  • P-VIP 250W 1.3 CE21.5
  • 69597

Please Note:

This is a bulb only and does not include the housing! Please examine your model before purchasing, asadditional wiring or soldering may be required for installation.
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