Osram 69377 OEM Replacement Bulb

Osram 69377 OEM Replacement Bulb

Osram 69377 OEM Replacement Bulb - Bulb #45

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The Osram 69377 OEM Replacement Bulb is an OEM, Original Manufacturer replacement Bulb for the following models:

  • Samsung: BP96-00271C
  • Samsung: BP96-00823A
  • Samsung: BP96-00449A
  • Samsung: BP96-01099A
  • Samsung: BP96-01074A
  • Samsung: BP96-00497A
  • Samsung: BP96-01653A
  • Samsung: BP96-00826A
  • Samsung: BP96-00677A
  • Samsung: BP96-01073A

OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to Lamps and Bulbs, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.

All OEM Lamps and Bulbs come with a 180 Day Electrified Warranty

This Bulb is also known as:

  • RPE022
  • P-VIP 100/120W 1.0 E22H

Please Note:

This is a bulb only and does not include the housing! Please examine your model before purchasing, as additional wiring or soldering may be required for installation.

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