Zenith 6912V00006A E-Series Replacement Bulb

Zenith 6912V00006A E-Series Replacement Bulb

Zenith 6912V00006A/C E-Series Replacement Bulb

Price: $24.44 

The Zenith 6912V00006A E-Series Replacement Bulb is an E-Series, OEM equivalent replacement Bulb for the following models:

  • Zenith: D52WLCD
  • Zenith: E44W46LCD
  • Zenith: E44W48LCD
  • Zenith: M52W56LCD
  • Zenith: RT44SZ80LB
  • Zenith: RU44SZ80L
  • Zenith: RU48SZ40
  • Zenith: RZ48SZ40RB
E-Series stands for Equivalent Lamps and Bulbs. A Lamp is a Bulb with the Housing attached. These equivalent lamps and bulbs offer an alternative to the high priced factory original lamps, offering the highest quality at a great value. The savings are significant.

All E-Series Lamps and Bulbs come with a 150 Day Electrified Warranty

Please Note:

This is a bulb only and does not include the housing! Please examine your model before purchasing, as additional wiring or soldering may be required for installation.

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